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Hey NG my Names Gary, im 19 & im from Derry in Ireland. I Support Arsenal F.C! i work 4 Kyocera Printer Support, its pretty shite! lol NG has got to be the best flash site around.. Thumbs up to Tom Fulp!

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I'd just like to say I support Tom Fulp against all the hatemail and requests to shut the site down that I know he gets. It's not Tom's fault that everyone with flash and the internet can post any kind of movie or game they like on the site. That's all them. Anyway, ng has a filtering system which gets rid of the stuff people don't like, so Tom doesn't actually have so much of a say in what goes into the site anymore. Basically what I'm saying is that Tom isn't responsible for the site's content, every single person who has an account and reviews submissions to newgrounds is responsible for the site's content.

And how many people review on this site? Well, maybe only Tom Fulp knows, or else there's a list somewhere that I haven't been able to find, but I have been reviewing work lately like there's no tomorrow (around 10 a day for the last few days) and I am ranked around 300, 000 of all the NG users. That's 300, 000 people around the world (but probably mainly only in the US =P) that are deciding to let all the "violence" and "stupid immature stuff" onto this site. I'm not denying that there is flash like that here, but if that flash is what these three hundred thousand people want to watch, then I for one think that it shouldn't be banned.

So anyway, to all newgrounders out there, don't let them immature jerks who think that this site should be shut down and Tom Fulp arrested deter you from any kind of flash movies or games, because if they are accepted on Newgrounds, remember just how many people there are that are accepting them.

Some links to hatemail Tom has put on the site:

http://www.newgrounds.com/lit/hate_ass assin.html

http://www.newgrounds.com/lit/hate_col umbine.html

http://www.newgrounds.com/lit/hate_sea ls.html

Although on a brighter note ive seen some great Flash (Games & movies) submitted over the past year! :-D heres a selection of my favourite flash submissions:

TOP 5 Favourite Games:--------------------TOP 5 Favourite Movies:

1. Portal : Flash version---------------------1. Super Mario Bro's Z (series)
2. Unreal Flash 2007------------------------2. MGS3: Crab Battle
3. Indestruc2tank ----------------------------3. Tankmen 2
4. Exmortis 2 ----------------------------------4. Bowser's Kingdom (series)
5. The Last Stand-----------------------------5. Madness: Depredation

Tom's Hate Mail